Wearable Sports Technology for Future Football Champions

Xampion is a revolutionary movement analytics product for football players. Visualise your progress, get feedback, train smarter with concrete objectives and become a Champion.

Xampion Double Sensor Pack includes:

  • 2 Xampion Sensors
  • 1 pair or Xampion Insoles designed for football shoes
  • A Micro-USB charger cable for sensors
  • User guide
  • Xampion App for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets

High-prescision sensor data wirelessly to your smartphone

Xampion Sensors collect the data. Xampion App visualises it.

When training is over, just flick on your Xampion App and see how you did on the pitch. You'll find each and every ball touch and movement you made. Track your progress in each area of your game and know what to focus on next. Build your Skill Card and challenge your mates.

Xampion App Player Profile Card

Get more out of your training

Am I quicker than last month? How many times did I shoot in training today? How many ball contacts did I get? How fast am I able to sprint 20 meters?

With Xampion you get answers to all of those tricky questions easily, immediately after every training session straight to your smartphone. Xampion gives you the possibility to analyse your own performance on the field like never before. Like the champs do. Be a future champion with Xampion.

Fact-based training

So far, improvement has been based on a feeling. It doesn't have to be so. Super accurate Xampion Sensor data shows you exactly how your playing changes over time. Challenge your friends and compare your results to the best in the game!

Are you the coach?

Do you want to make your players better? Point the right direction to them? Do you need to know everything? Now is your chance. Get more results from your training with the Xampion Team Solution. Xampion gives you the information instantly from your whole team. Be the winning coach and be ready for the future. Your future is now.

Want to go big?

Running a football club full of motivated and passionate athletes? Now is your chance to change their future. With Xampion club solution you can follow, steer and guide your players together with your trainers and staff with precise facts and numbers. Get your future now. Xampion club solution is ready for you today.

About us

We are an ambitious and versatile team of entrepreneurs, tech experts and professional athletes, past and present. We all share a desire to create something that will change the way people think about training and developing themselves in the sports that they love. And we know how to do it.

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